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1994 gayme - Issue 2.1

1994 gayme - Issue 2.1

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gayme 2.1


Apollo's Temple: Harry Hay, considered the founder of the modern gay liberation movement, offers a new vision for the nineties.

499 to One: Mitzel finds a healthy homoeroticism in same-sex institutions

Temporary Autonomous Zone: Revolution may be in disrepute, Hakim Bey argues, but people on the erotic and political fringe can still insurrect.

Art & Photography

Baron Wilhelm Von Gloeden

Queer Snaphshots from Old Vienna - Review of Austrian, E.J.

Udo Loudyeau / Photographer


Maiden Voyage: Davy Bryant boots up his computer, logs on to 'the net' and discovers the binary world is all but black and white.  Written by David Watmough

Spot Pond by Louis Lopardi

O Padre!


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