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    Blueboy International Men’s Magazine, established in 1974 and first published in 1975, caters to an upscale, urban gay audience with its sleek presentation and inclusion of full frontal male nude photography. Beyond its initial focus, Blueboy delves into a broad spectrum of topics, including lifestyle, health, and political issues. It has provided coverage on significant figures such as Harvey Milk, Ed Koch, Anita Bryant, and the AIDS epidemic, among others. The magazine features writings by contemporary gay authors and contributions from esteemed LGBTQ writers, including Truman Capote, Andy Warhol, William S. Burroughs, Edmund White, John Rechy, and many more. Blueboy played a pivotal role during a critical period in history, opening doors for the LGBTQ community and solidifying the presence of male interest magazines in the media landscape.

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    The term "hentai" isn't directly linked to anime. In Japanese, "hentai" typically denotes content that is considered unconventional or extreme, even within the realm of pornography, featuring scenarios such as alien encounters, monstrous beings, or instances of gang rape. Beyond Japan, "hentai" is commonly used to describe any form of Japanese pornography presented in anime or manga format, irrespective of how unusual or unsettling the content might be. The sexual implications of "hentai" didn't originate from its connection with "Hentai-shinri" (abnormal psychology) but rather emerged from its juxtaposition with "hentai seiyoku" (sexual perversion), a term introduced to Japan via German sexology.

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    Erotic art stands as a captivating and complex form of artistic expression that has remained significant throughout the annals of human history. It provides a platform to explore and honor human sensuality and desires, challenging societal norms and sharing personal experiences. As our society continues to evolve and embrace sexual diversity, the realm of erotic art is likely to continue expanding and evolving. While it may include elements often associated with pornography, its scope goes beyond mere arousal, serving broader artistic purposes.

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Everotic & Natasha

Everotic stands as a female-owned enterprise, helmed by an artist dedicated to serving both creators and collectors alike. Having amassed a respectable collection of my own, I've reached a point of confidence to realize my passion project and open this cherished dream shop. Our future plans include collaborating with working artists to foster contemporary art alongside vintage erotica, bridging these two realms and fostering further growth and support within the arts community.
This isn't the end of the road. Thank you for your support and keep in touch for much more to come!