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1979 Blueboy March - Volume 29

1979 Blueboy March - Volume 29

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Volume 29

Blueboy The National Magazine About Men MAR/79 (9/10 condition)

In this issue:

The Closet - Cartoons by Gary DeMaria

A Cowboy's Guide to Beer 

Gold Diggers - From the Novel by Paul Monette

The New Cowboys - Interviews by Peter English

Cowboy Chic - Fashion for the Range 

The Outlaws - Centerfold Photoerotica Spread

The Canyon De Chelly - The Original Frontier

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Article by Peter Jaret

Rough Riders - New Car Guide

Blueboy Bazaar - Classified Section

Gulp! - Act 2 of the musical farce by John Glines

Pinball Mania - Article by David Batterson


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