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1994 September In Touch For Men Issue 209

1994 September In Touch For Men Issue 209

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Issue 156

In Touch for Men 1994 September (8/10)

Male focused media including & not limited to photography, visual arts, poetry, fiction, travel, fashion and entertainment - The original source of gay culture on the rise through history

In this issue:


  • I Rode Him to Adelaide, fiction by David Collins / Illustration by Sean Platter (page with image has a fold to the right hand corner)
  • Mean Licks, fiction by Shawn James / Illustration by KENT
  • The Adventures of Evan Worth (Episode 10 'Open Up Your Golden Gate), serial by Allan Wilson
  • Tattoo, My Ass!, humor by John R. Carroll
  • Performance Artist, fiction by Holden Butterfield

The Models / Centerfolds: Dano Sulik, Mike Nesbitt, Hal Rockland, Mark Chung, Travis Colt, Cutter West

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