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1987 Playguy October

1987 Playguy October

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October 1987

In this issue:

Fiction:  Taking Care of Business by, James N. Fones / art of Kent Neffendorf

Fiction:  The Sex Surrogate  by, Brian Butterfield 

Fiction: Lining Up a Stud  by, John R. Neirenberg

Fiction: A Family Affair  by, William Browning / art by Steven Blake

Fiction:  Jocks for Hire  by, Kelvin Beliele / art by ZITI

Fiction: How the Other Half Lives  by, Christopher Westlake / art by Coco

Fiction:  Corn-Fed Spread  by, Richard A. White / artist & story

Nudes:  Sure Thing, Wild Thing, Brush Off, Down to the Bone, Brick, Tough Cat

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