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1983 Blueboy Oct/Nov - Volume 84

1983 Blueboy Oct/Nov - Volume 84

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Volume 84

Blueboy The National Magazine About Men OCTOBER/NOVEMBER/83 (9/10 condition)

In this issue:

Trick or Treat - Photos by Skip Diamond

On the Alter of the Pyramid - Moonstruck Fiction by Brad Scofield

Circus! - Clowns, Acrobats, Dancing Girls

Postcards from Paradise - Jerry Mills writes from Waikiki

Jack is Back - Iars Eighner takes us in hand

Nudes: Victor, Bob, Hot Rocks

A Flyboy from the Forties - The Serviceman's Delight wrirings by James R. Hood

Working-Class Blokes - The tattooed Englishboys of Mike Arlen

Gay Lit for Glamour Boys - Cliff Notes from Rocbet Patrick

Stills from SURGE - in video veritas


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