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1982 Blueboy December - Volume 74

1982 Blueboy December - Volume 74

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Volume 74

Blueboy The National Magazine About Men December 1982 (6/10 condition)

In this issue:

Kissing - Photos by S.X. Stone

Design for Living / Mark Janecki - Interview by John Duffy

The Wounded Savior - Fiction by Keith James

J.W. - Photos by Frank Ross

Rita Mae Brown - Interview by Art Bosch

Mickey Squires - Photos by Rick Ross

John - Photos by Rick Ross

The New Medicine Part 2 - Feature by Paul Reed

The House of Beautiful Rooms - Fiction by Gustavo Serina

Relections - Photos by Richard White

Sex in the Services - Interview with Leornard Matlovich

Peter - Photos by James Michaels

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