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1978 Jan/Feb In Touch for Men Magazine Issue 33

1978 Jan/Feb In Touch for Men Magazine Issue 33

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Issue 33

In Touch for Men January/February (9/10 condition)

Male focused media including & not limited to photography, visual arts, poetry, fiction, travel, fashion and entertainment - The original source of gay culture on the rise through history

This issue:

Introducing Marc Wolfe - A back-to-nature boy

A Lover's Primer, Part 2 - Ten tips on keeping him

Shaping up - Making the most of it

Hollywood Beefcake - Stripped to the waist

Film: A Gay Odyssey - A search for "respectability"

Don Ameche - Still on the boards

Sincere, Discreet... - On the joys of answering ads

Drugs - Just the facts, m'am

New Orleans:A tourist's-eye view - In the land of Creole Queens

Nureyev - Hey, wanna' dance?

The Photography of James Williams - The camera as an art form

Mansex Fine - Poet, Priest, and Gay

Introducing Frank Martone - More than just a party boy

Steve McQueen - Beneath the calm exterior

Introducing Bob Greene - The future lies ahead

Gene Poe - People People People


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