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1978 Blueboy October - Volume 25

1978 Blueboy October - Volume 25

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Volume 25

Blueboy The National Magazine About Men OCT/78 (9/10 condition)

In this issue:

James Purdy - Profile by Jere Real

Metric Tools - Article by Steve Holley

Paris & Milan Fashion Report - Daniela Morera

Arabian Knights - Article by M. George Haddad

A Matter of Choice - Film Report by Marvin Bevans

Dreams & Dreamers - Centerfold Photoerotica

Diamonds inthe Sunshine - Article by Edward Patrick

Perry King - Interview by Neil Feineman

Signals - Erotic Fiction by Frank Monroe

Hot Shots - Crotch Shots by Bruce Werner

Ottawa - Travel

Blueboy Bazaar - Classified Section

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