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1977 Blueboy Aug/Sept - Volume 13

1977 Blueboy Aug/Sept - Volume 13

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Volume 13

Blueboy The National Magazine About Men August/September 1977 (6/10 condition)

In this issue:

A Boy of Marrakesh - Fiction b Philip Salem

Sexual Anarchy - Taking the Law into your own Hands can be a Sticky Business - Article by Brandon Judell

From Dusk to Dawn - A look at the popular psychedelic drug, angel dust - Article by Walter Vatter

Decomposition - Fiction by Neil Alan Marks

Disco Madness - Article by Clarke Taylor - What makes them succeed?

Supergays - Article by Bruce Werner

On the "Equus" Set - Blueboy takes you to the film set of the only "straight" play that has made money on Broadway in years

Stopover: MACAO - Fiction by Bill Sickel

Life & Death & the American Sex Symbol

The Boys in the Barracks

Plastic Bobby - Fiction by George Hatch

The Robe - Photoerotica by Sodoma


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