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2004 Swallowtail Inn

2004 Swallowtail Inn

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 2004 Swallowtail Inn

Yuriko is the proprietor of the financially challenged Swallowtail Inn. The death of her husband deprived the Inn of his culinary skill, which was the main source of the inn's prestige and income. Unwilling to shut down, Yuriko has turned to exploiting her body to keep the inn solvent. But her sexual skills are limited, and that, along with the inn's degradation, spell trouble. The discovery of an unconscous man allow Yuriko the opportunity to be both a Good Samaritan and the recipient of a blessing in disguise. Although he suffers amnesia as a result of his injury, the man, whom Yuriko names Kenji, proves to be the answer to all of the inn's problems. Kenji does everything from maintenance to cooking. He is clearly a skilled chef, but there is another area he is equally adept: sex. Kenji coaches Yurika and her ex-sister-in-law Fuyuka in the varied arts of sex and eroticism. Revenues and passion rise, but Kenji's forgotten identity may prove to be the Swallowtail Inn's true salvation.

Japanese Hentai

XXX anime 18+ Collectible DVD

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