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1987 March In Touch For Men Issue 124

1987 March In Touch For Men Issue 124

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 Issue 124

In Touch for Men March 1987 (9.5/10 condition)

Male focused media including & not limited to photography, visual arts, poetry, fiction, travel, fashion and entertainment - The original source of gay culture on the rise through history

In this issue:

"Shared Moments" drawing portfolio by, William Wright

The Line Up - Pictorial

Arabian Knights - Text/Artcile

Halloween 1986 Pictorial

Fiction: A Corporate Affair, by Tripp Vanderford

Fiction: Beware!, by D.R. Webb

Fiction: Teachers Pet, by Stanley Tee 

Up Yours, humor by Andy Neal

Tom of Finlands Page / Poppers by Jerry Mills

Centerfolds: Robert Bank, Angelo Ricci, Clark Douglas, Tony Mason, Bonus Man: Jon Karllson

Pioneer Days: Sowee!!! Pictorial



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