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1983 Blueboy March - Volume 77

1983 Blueboy March - Volume 77

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 volume 77

The National Magazine About Men 


(8/10 condition, the spine has a slight curve to it from indecent storage - it was towards the bottom of a stack that was not straight so the weight caused it to curve, these are scans of the actual product so you can see a little how there's a curvature near the spine - In beautiful condition otherwise no folds, marking, tears, VERY little handling was mostly in storage its lifetime)

In this issue:

Mike / Photographer Rick Ross (hairy, mustache, dark hair short)

Artist Profile: Paintings of Paul Cadmus

The New Open Monogamy - An Alternative from Paul Reed

Gay Gyms by Richard Umans (great text)

Out of the Shadows - Photos by Man's Image

Introducing - Pete, Jack, Jungle Man (photos by Aristotle biscotto)

The First Time, by Bill Hunter - a collection of firsts

Commentary by Robert Patrick

Anthropologist, Poetry by Edward Field

Party Boy - Photos by Rick Ross

Big Men - Photos by Roy Dean

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