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1978 May/June In Touch for Men Magazine Issue 35

1978 May/June In Touch for Men Magazine Issue 35

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Issue 35

In Touch for Men May/June0 (10/10 condition)

Male focused media including & not limited to photography, visual arts, poetry, fiction, travel, fashion and entertainment - The original source of gay culture on the rise through history

This issue:

Introducing Randy Blair - The "Kid Brother" image

The Great Hollywood 'C' Party - For those that keep score

The First Time - Fond Memories: There are some things in life very few of us ever forget - and our first gay sex experience is one of them.  Here are a few rememberance of that memorable time.

John Travolta - Be Still My Beating Heart

Getting to Know You, Charles Strout - Introductory Fiction by George M. Seaton

Saturday Night Trick - Fantasy Fiction by Ward Michaels

Charles Adams: His People & Images - Through the Camera's Eye

Introducing Scott Hampton - Complementing the Artist

The Gyno-Gay Cult - Is it a Plot? "Is it just a coincidence that every "popular" book (among straights, that is) dealing with male homosexualityjust happens to be written by women?

The Art of Richard Adkins - IDOLS

Henry Wrinkler - What Fonz?

Introducing Rod Davidson - For Outdoor Fun

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