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1976 Sept/Oct In Touch for Men Magazine Issue 25

1976 Sept/Oct In Touch for Men Magazine Issue 25

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Issue 25

In Touch for Men September/October (10/10 condition)

Male focused media including & not limited to photography, visual arts, poetry, fiction, travel, fashion and entertainment - The original source of gay culture on the rise through history

This issue:

Plants the Best Pets of All - by Frank Edwards

Films& Music & Books & On the Town - Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Fransisco, New York

Test Shooting - Photography by John Welles

Howard Hughes & Jane Russell - The author of Elizabeth gives a sneak preview of his new book "Hollywood Sensations"

Los Angeles - Barnaby Shackleford

The Hollywood Bet - Bette Midler Special

Royal Manoeuvres - In the British Military

The In Touch Sketchbook of Harry Bush

So You Always Wanted to Teach - Bob LaRiviere

Centerfold - THE SWIMMER David George

Peter Berlin - A Self Portrait (words & pictures by Peter Berlin)

Out of the Locker - Roy L. McCollough

Ben Wilson by Jeremy Hughes / Hy Conrad by James Belmont

Photo Feature - Mike Hartford

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